Canonization or rock concert? You decide

My experience with arena seating rock concerts came in handy today.

You wouldn’t think that would have come up on this trip, would you?

Well, then, you have never been to a canonization.

Running, shouting, elbows and knees flying … and these were the nuns.

Not my nuns. My nuns acted with decorum. But let’s just say there were certain nationalities present with more experience at canonization seating than we Americans. (Hey, she was only the 9th U.S. saint; they have hundreds.)

However, our tour bus group had a lecture last night from our tour guide who told us what we must do if we wanted a good seat. It did not involve good manners.

Guess who sat in the front row?

Guess who has great pictures of il Papa?

Guess who had the best view of the “regular” folks of all of the canonizzazioni?

You’ll see the pictures.

Author: rosie

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  1. can’t wait for the pics. See.. all those concerts were good training!

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