The first day in Rome

We had a typical first day in Rome. We snapped pictures non-stop from the time we stepped off the plane. Met the tour guide. Had a driving tour of Rome. Freshened up at the hotel. Went to the American Embassy.

The what?!?!?

Yep, we were fortunate enough to be invited to a reception at the American Embassy. It was interesting, but not as exciting as it sounds. The ambassador wasn’t there … or if he was, I never knew it. By the time we got there, we had been awake for 32 hours. We were walking zombies.

You should have seen what the guys in the photo below did when Troy told him his gun was bigger than their guns.

Below is proof we were there. The round thing-a-ma-bob above our heads is the seal of the American Embassy.

Author: rosie

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  1. I’m so glad you both had a wonderful time. Look forward to hearing more!

    btw… you’re looking fabulous gal!


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  2. You look great in your new picture! Is you hair coming in a lighter shade? Anyways, I’m totally jealous about your Rome trip. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Glad you guy’s got to go on this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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