Stress is better than being dead… right?

Troy again.

Rosie continues to recuperate. She is pushing herself too hard, as always. At this point, I’m not sure why it surprises me anymore. She is not napping as much as she probably should (and I KNOW I would barely leave my bed at this point.) She is also working long hours every day completing a halloween costume for Colleen. It is a really cool Wonder Woman outfit (we’ll post the picture soon), but I don’t like that she is working so much. I guess Rosie doesn’t know anything else, and I suppose it’s helping keep her mind off of everything. Maybe for her this is good therapy. I just don’t think it’s good to work to exhaustion every day when you are recuperating from surgery. Someone tell her that I’m right ’cause lord knows she doesn’t listen to me.

My work situation is way crazy right now. I worked WAY too much last week and this week doesn’t look to be shaping up much better. It’s very, very difficult for me to balance work and home when both worlds need too much of me. I thought I was doing a pretty good job this summer of balancing work/home, but this is different. I’m not a superhero… I can’t do 12 hour days at work AND all thes stuff it takes to be a good dad/husband at home at night. It’s really, really stressing me out. I’m not sleeping right and, well… let’s just say I’m getting crabby and we’ll leave it at that.

But how can I complain when I have the most woderful, beautiful, smart and funny wife on the planet? And a daughter who is so awesome that words fail me?

I’d like to take just a quick moment to acknowledge that we have had a lot of people helping out lately. We will probably need more help, but I want to say that we really, really appreciate everything. From our moms staying with us last week and cleaning every inch of our house, to all the friends who have given rides, and especially all those who are just keeping the positive thoughts and prayers and karma coming our way. Thanks!

Here’s another thought I had today: We need to find fun, constructive, low-impact things to do for the next few weeks, and maybe for the whole winter. Any ideas? Colleen loves company, maybe we’ll invite over people with kids for her to play with and Rosie and I can hang out with the parents. (What? Conversation with adults? I seem to remember what that was like.)

Hey… Who’s up for a family game night?

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  1. Family game night sounds amazing! You could count me in, if I didn’t live in Massachusetts. But what a fantastic idea! Here’s hoping you have lots of fun in the upcoming months!


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  2. Rosie, I’m so glad to hear you’re recovering well – I just hope that you’re not in much pain.. take it easy sweet lady!

    Troy, Im sure anyone who knows you think’s you’re just amazing to juggle your career and be so committed and loving and caring for your beautiful family.

    Just thought of some things I’d do if I had more time…
    Photographs.. sort, make albums (I know everyone does digital these days, but I have an album around my lounge room and it is looked at without fail every time I have guests), take pictures, make personalised birthday/festive season cards – and invitations to bbq’s, parties etc.

    In the kitchen.. I like to give home made chutneys and jams etc to people for christmas, and its a great time to start making these, designing your own labels etc…

    Painting and drawing. I am absolutely the most hopeless artist (except for my photography) but find it really relaxing to TRY and do something artistic! Painting, drawing, even a bit of wood carving, furniture restoration!

    The usual board games! Unless you’re like my brother who says “They dont call them bored games for nothing”.. you may appreciate the myriad of games about.. like Jenga, pictionary etc.. but that’s obvious! doh!

    Hope you’re having a good day..

    HUGS, alex

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  3. Oh I am SO up for the family game night…it sucks about the thousand miles. Guess I’ll just stick with the hopes prayers karma thing…love b

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  4. Glad Rosie is recovering. Hope work eases up for you soon.

    Love family game night. Haven’t done that in a while. Count me in.

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  5. Ok, so I’m not family. But I loves me some board games! 🙂
    Also, even though I don’t have children, coming over for conversation would actually be nice. Just don’t leave me alone with the the world’s smartest kindergartener. That word doesn’t look right. Anyway, I think we should have a welcome home from rome party. That way you can tell all the stories once or twice instead of twenty or thirty times. Ok, enough of my opinions. You have been on my mind every single day. I’m sending love, prayers and great karma your way.

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  6. I am glad to hear you guys are recovering anyway… I wish it weren’t so stressful, but you are handling all of it with amazing grace. You don’t give yourself enough credit dear friends!!

    Family game night sounds fantastic. We are only 2 or so hours away, so you pick the day and time and we can come to you or you can come to us.

    we have an open door policy at our house, i only require 15 minutes notice that you are on your way to my doorstep so I can sweep up the excess dog hair LOL!

    sending LOTS of (((HUGS))) and prayers to you both!!

    Jen D.

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  7. Family game night was some of the most fun we had each week! Every Sunday night we cooked dinner together as a family and then had games and it was required that we all be there. And it was fabulous… hmm. Whatever happened to that? Time to reinstitute an old tradition, I think!

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