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I wish I could post more. I’m going out of my mind with boredom, despite the best efforts of friends. I met April and her daughter for dinner on Saturdy. Elaine came over Sunday and took me out for the whole afternoon and evening. Amy visited on Monday and brought some yummy spaghetti; Sue stopped by for a second in the evening and dropped off a freaking awesome chicken casserole. Today, Natasha had the day off work (those government employees…) and took me to the cancer center for a little art therapy.

It would seem like with all of this action I’d be having the time of my life! I am enjoying the company, that’s for certain. However, there is just nothing like being able to do stuff you want or need to do. I can’t lift much of anything. I can’t drive far without it hurting. I can’t even sit at a table for long with my arms leaning against it. I can’t sit at my desk and type. (I have discovered that I can use my laptop, in my lap, and not get quite so achy.)

I’ve OD’d on television and, if you can believe it, books.

The socializing has been very, very good for me. But I’ve had way too much time on my hands to think. Dangerous things happen when I have time to think!

Please feel free to come visit. And while you are here, I may need you to lift something for me.

GREAT NEWSMy nephew is home from Kuwait. Woo hoo! Finally, some good news. I’m very happy about this. I can check him off my invisible “worry” list.

We went to Rome
We really did. Maybe tomorrow I can get a post up about that experience. Now that I’ve discovered it’s easier to use my laptop than my desk computer, anything is possible. 😉

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  1. Hey, good to hear your surgery went well. Laptops can be so very handy when you are not able to sit.

    Wish I was closer to come deliver a mocha.


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