No more drain!

Woo hooo!

Never thought I’d be so happy to have a dang drain removed.

I saw the plastic surgeon yesterday and she took it out. Yay! I immediately came home and took my first unencumbered shower in three weeks! It was lovely. I did have a meltdown when I tried on a bra and attempted to stuff it. There is just no way to make it look normal. I freaked out, then remembered that I could order these special bras and inserts from TLC, so I did. In the meantime, I think I’m going to be walking around with a half boob (really, a 1/10 boob). Stuffing just makes it look lumpy and high, which would just draw more attention to the situation. I think I’ll just have to continue wearing big shirts (i.e. Troy’s clothes) until my order comes.

I don’t need any more antibiotics. Double yay!

I see her (the plastic surgeon) again next Tuesday to get my first fill. That makes me very nervous! It could hurt a lot. I’m sure you will get all of the details.

I’m going down to IU today to get my port flushed. I also need to make an appointment to see the surgeon next week. I’m just talking out loud now.

Who wants to do the Mini?
Would anyone like to walk (at a very good pace) the Mini-Marathon with me on May 5 in Indianapolis?

Registration is open and, actually, 80% full as of this writing. Oops. I’m almost positive it was 71% 15 minutes ago. That’s not good. I was going to say I would register later this week, but I’m wondering if maybe I need to register right this minute. Hmmm. I think I will definitely do it today. I’ll let you know.

So, if you are interested, go sign up. It costs $45, with additional amounts if you want to do the training series races, too. Here is the main race site with the countdown clock and the percentage of registrants at the top of the page. When they reach 35,000 runners, they close registration.

I want a walking goal to reach because studies show that women who walk five hours a week have more than a 50% reduction in the recurrence of breast cancer. Before my surgery, I was doing about five hours a week. So, I know I can do it! My pace right now is probably just barely within the limits for the race (the limit is 18 minute miles). My hope is that by registering for the race, I’ll increase my pace and strength during the winter. It will be something to motivate me! I’m extremely competitive and the last thing I would want to do is be picked up by the “too slow” bus on race day. (From the site: “There will be a bus following the last participants of the race. Anyone who cannot finish, or cannot keep up with the 18 minute/mile minimum pace can ride the bus to the rest and recovery area.”)

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