What I did on Thanksgiving vacation, by Rosie Maynard

On my Thanksgiving vacation, I had lots of memorable moments. There were good times and bad. Mostly, there were good times.

On Thursday, I ate two Thanksgiving dinners. That’s hard to beat. I also visited my friend Lisa. She has two dogs and one is about the size of a horse. She has a cat named Margaret. That made me laugh.

On Friday, I had a fun day out with my friends Elaine and Christine. Christine and I went for a little shopping. We had lunch, went to a movie and, of course, had Starbucks. Then, we had to go back to the store where we went shopping because Christine decided she HAD to get the furry vest she had seen there.

That night, Troy, Colleen and I tried to go to the lighting of the monument in Indianapolis. We risked life and limb to see electric lights be turned on. I predict this will never happen again – the part where we risk life and limb, that is.

On Saturday, I spent almost the whole day writing a presentation for church about Mother Theodore and the canonization. I waited until the last minute – but I had been thinking it in my head for weeks – so, technically, I was not procrastinating. Troy and Colleen spent a lot of time outside enjoying the superb weather.

On Sunday, I gave the presentation and everyone who was there loved it. If you weren’t there, then don’t expect me to tell it to you all over again. Just kidding. I will. All you have to do is give me chocolate.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we all spent many hours outside doing light yardwork and cleaning the garage. I was extremely impressed with my ability to do this. In the last two weeks, some of the strange aches I’ve been getting when lifting even the lightest thing or bending has really subsided. It’s not all gone and probably won’t go away entirely until the expander is exchanged for the implant, but it is much better.

I am very pooped. The activity was a bit too much for me, but it was good to be outside and it is nice to have a much cleaner garage.

I am feeling really reckless these days. Ok, not reckless like I want to drive my mini-van in a drag race or get my arm sleeved in tattoos. I mean like I really need to make the most of my time. I need to do things that I want to do – not stuff I just happen to do or that I’m doing to pass time until something I really want to do comes along. Do you know what I mean? I just feel like I’m making some decisions fast and furious. Little things, like, should I buy this shirt? And then I think, “Oh, just buy it so you can get out of this store and do something else that is even better.” I keep drinking mochas even though I know they really aren’t good for me, but they make me so darn happy … if I can purchase happiness in a $4 paper cup, why not? I signed up for a freaking mini-marathon. That has a very reckless feel to me.

I looked up reckless. The meaning has too much of a sense of neglect for what I’m feeling. “Reckless: utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless.”

I would not say I’m utterly unconcerned about consequences. However, I’m relatively certain that consequences that may have previously prevented me from doing something are no longer of concern to me. Get it?

I think I found the word I really mean. “Temerarious: presumptuously or recklessly daring.”

Bold. Forward. Brazen. Arrogant. Saucy.

In fact, someone told me today that my outfit was saucy. I just bought it recently in one of my temerarious moments. I didn’t mean for my cleavage to be showing, but it was, and I really didn’t give a flying fart.

That’s what I mean. I just don’t care about the stupid stuff and I really care about having fun.

I mentioned this to a fellow cancer survivor (because, in fact, that’s what I am now) about this and she said, “I think having an experience like cancer really makes a person reevaluate what they want to do with their lives and how they want to do it.”

Yes, I’m with you so far.

And she went on to talk about a support group she attended where “… all of these ladies all went through this period of rearranging their priorities and saying f* it to certain things and changing other things in their lives. It was a constant theme in the group – no matter the age or even the stage of cancer.”


And my friend, who is a 3.5 year survivor, said she has felt this since she was diagnosed.

Good gravy. If this is going to be a lifelong condition, then I feel I need to warn you all. If you think I was goofy before cancer, the after cancer Rosie might be a touch more … well, more Rosie. I’m going to do things I’ve always wondered about, even if they seem a touch unconventional. I’m going to travel more, even if I can’t actually afford it. I’m going to exercise a lot because it gives me more energy and makes me feel more in control. I’m going to try to smile more and to help other people be happy. I’m going to try to live my life and enjoy what I have.

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  1. And lots of people are going to be more temerarious because they have learned a little about priorities just from sharing your story!

    Thanks for that; it’s been a tough couple of years here for a number of reasons, but you have helped me keep it in perspective.


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  2. You are incredible. Hopefully your attitude is contagious. It’s so nice to read your blog to see how you handle “life” –


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  3. Wow! I am not so sure I breathed while I read that. Were ya drinking a little of mocha while ya wrote it? Every bit of it is very true, and I am glad to have my good old fashioned sister back! I can’t tell you how long it has been since I have seen that side of you. 🙂

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  4. A saying from one of my favorite songs came to mind as I read your most recent blog: “Watch out for her–she’s a feisty, sassy woman!”

    Rosie, you are so…valiant and lovely! I want to know you more!

    Best in all things, Jennifer Moore.

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  5. YOU GO GIRL! Be the change you want to see in the world, that’s my new motto! Thanks to Gandhi for that bit of motivation! Ohh, how responsible for my own destiney that sounds!

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