A little hair never hurt nobody

I thought you all might appreciate a look back at my hair.

Evolution of the hair.

Hair today, gone yesterday, back tomorrow.

Hair apparent. Hair not-so-apparent.

Hair of the chemo that bit you.

Oh, heck, nevermind.

Here are some photos of my hair growth, loss and regrowth over the past few months.

Photo 1: Ground zero. (March 2006)
Just a week or so after I was diagnosed. I was faking this smile.

Photo 2: My first haircut. (April 2006)
I was overdue, granted. Troy calls this, “The Deb.” I do look a lot like our friend Deb. This is the photo I used on my passport. Woo hoo!

Photo 3: Boy cut. (May 2006, one week into chemo)
This cut was courtesy of my friend Natasha. She has boys. She cuts their hair. I told her to do it at least as short as she would cut their hair. She did. I really liked how easy this cut was!

Photo 4: Mr. Clean. (July 4, 2006)
I’m walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago for my first bald outing! The Hilton Towers were on fire behind me, which made my tragedies seem much less tragic. Ok, no one was injured. It was just a small fire, but that is a cop car behind me and there were 15 firetrucks.

Photo 5: Fuzzy and proud. (Aug. 19, 2006)
This is my 15th day after chemo party. That is Elaine’s arm in the picture. (Elaine has great forearms. They should be featured in more pictures.) I may look like I am happy, but I was exhausted and totally faking it. Well, I was ecstatic to be done with chemo – thus, the party – but I was pooped and didn’t want anyone to know.

Photo 6: Ciao, bella. (Oct. 14, 2006)
Rome suits me. The wall behind me is Caesar’s tomb. He might be dead, but I made it through chemo and have a nice, new crop of hair to show for it. Alora.

Photo 7: Feeling good. (Nov. 23, 2006)
I’m bringing back sassy.

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  1. Blue is your color! You look beautiful! Since we look alike does that mean I am beautiful now? Didn’t think so. 🙂

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  2. Wow! Your hot! Looking Good!

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  3. Nice hair! Seems like it’s coming back really fast. I seem to recall that you said you would look like you just joined the Marines by Valentine’s Day–looks like you’re well ahead of that schedule. And Rebecca is right–blue does seem to be your color!

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  4. You look gorgeous! (And you managed to look pretty good throughout this whole thing- amazing! Must be that indomitable spirit of yours shining through.)
    So, is your talk in writing anywhere? I hate that I missed it. If there had been any way to to back to Danville to hear you last Sunday, I would have.
    I hope Troy and Colleen are both also doing as well as you seem to be! Thanks for writing!


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  5. It’s unanimous – you look great in that blue! Love how you wear the hair also. Keep it up.

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  6. I’m telling you, you’ve raised the bar for all of us. Now I will have to start wearing makeup and sassy outfits if I’m going to hang out with you. You look HOT!!!

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  7. Beautiful on the inside and gorgeous on the outside! x


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