We forgot to celebrate.

Troy and I had the anniversary of our first date this week – 12/04/03. (Hey, look at that – 12=4×3. Cool.)

We forgot to celebrate!

Coincidentally, it was also the anniversary of our friends’ Kevin & Libby’s first date. (Kevin is Troy’s best friend.) We did not double-date on that first date. We weren’t even in the same town. It was just a coincidence. Same day, same year. We got married first. Ha! In your face, Livingstons!

It’s been 13 years since that fateful night.

I’m thinking the next 13 are going to be pretty lucky for us. They kind of have to be. We’ve used up all of our bad luck. 😉

I’m thinking it’s time we win the lottery, get liposuction and porcelain veneers, and move to the Mediterranean. It’s the only fair trade-off for what we have survived.

I’m feeling a little better today. I’m trying to concentrate on this awesome sunshine we are having. We are having very nice weather, considering it is December. Just a light dusting of snow this morning. Enough to get kids excited, but not enough to annoy their parents. It’s not bitterly cold and it is even supposed to get a bit warmer the next few days.

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  1. um… how is 12/4/03 13 years ago? Of course, it’s late and I haven’t had caffeine in the last 5 minutes, so maybe I’m missing something??

    Just wondering…

    Anyway, congrats on 13 years! In ancient times, 13 was considered a lucky number, a cause for celebration. So enjoy!


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