Troy says mice cause cancer

Some of you don’t take the time to go back over my blog and read the comments people post. That’s ok by me. I’m amazed you all still read the parts that I write.

My darling husband wrote his interpretation of what he thought that mouse abstract was all about. He sounds really smart and, therefore, quotable. (If my journalism teacher is dead, she is rolling over in her grave right now. But, hey, that’s approximately the standard used by most television reporters when they stick microphones under the chins of others.)

“Here’s how I read the abstract,” Troy said, “First, viruses modify the DNA of the cells they invade… that’s their MO. A large sampling of breast cancer cells from a certain tumor type have been found to include the same DNA sequences as this particular mouse-borne virus, so therefore it is believed that the mouse-borne virus is swapping the DNA and thereby causing the cancerous growth. This is indirectly supported by the fact that this type of cancer tumor is also more prevalent in geographic areas where the mouse is located. I’m no geneticist, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

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  1. This post is a riot!

    I know I’m commenting on this post way too late, but I just starting using an RSS reader and it allowed me to scan all the posts at one time. Amazing. Thanks Rosie for starting your blog!

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