The REAL Breast Cancer Barbie is for sale!

Remember the Breast Cancer Barbie debacle of 2006? Remember my awesome acquaintance Linnea who created her very own Breast Cancer Barbie to honor REAL breast cancer survivors and not just the ones who strike up marketing deals with Mattel?

Well, now you can own this legendary piece of history! The one and only REAL Breast Cancer Barbie is for sale on EBay! Linnea would like to attend the Young Survivor’s Conference in Washington, D.C. in two weeks. So, in order to raise funds for her travel, she’s auctioning off her original creation.

You can find the auction here.

I will be attending the conference as well. I’d love to meet Linnea. She seems extremely awesome. So, bid on the Barbie! Let’s get her to that conference.

My oncologist will also be a speaker at the conference. I’m excited to see some of the many experts that will be there, including him!

Hurry. The auction ends on Monday, Feb. 12!

Author: rosie

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