Bite me, cancerversary!

I survived my first cancerversary in relatively good fashion!

Sunday (Feb. 18) was the first anniversary of when I felt pains in my breast – the pains that ultimately turned out to be breast cancer.

I had been thinking all week prior to this not-so-fun event that I needed to replace the cancerversary with some amazing event that would be much more fun to remember. My friend Adrienne even told me I needed to do that (I was already thinking it, though, so she doesn’t get all of the credit). She met her husband on her first cancerversary, so she was pretty much carrying the trump card on that idea.

The most exciting thing I could think of was to go bungee jumping. How cool would that be the next time Feb. 18 rolls around to say, “Oh, yeah, the first time I went bungee jumping!” Alas, it wasn’t to be. Have you ever tried to find a bungee jumping place in Indiana when there is snow on the ground? Doesn’t happen.

The next most interesting thing I could think was to go rock wall climbing. There is an indoor rock wall climbing place here. However, I started thinking about strapping my butt into those safety harnesses that enhance all of the lumps in your rear, stomach and upper thighs, having to find someone of equal weight to counterbalance me and having my pectoral-muscle-turned-breast-lump start flexing away halfway up the wall … well, let’s just say I quickly chickened out.

Sunday rolled around and I had not come up with an answer. My main plan was to keep busy and go see a movie to keep myself distracted after Colleen left mid-day for her Florida vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. So, our free hours rolled around and Troy and I were trying to pick a movie. Then, Troy said, “let’s see two!” This was a tantalizing idea. Watching two movies in one day at the theater is something we haven’t done in years. It was something we used to do when we were wild and crazy and childless. We always felt it just represented the height of decadence.

We started looking to see if the schedule would work out – could we manage two back-to-back? As we perused times, we realized that even though we were getting a late start in the day, it would actually be possible to see three movies if we wanted. We laughed at the thought. Then, in true Disney-style, little cartoon light bulbs emerged over our heads and we both yelled, “That’s it!!!”

That’s right. Feb. 18 is the day I saw THREE movies in one day at the movie theater.

Let me tell you, expense aside, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For one, you have to smell popcorn for about seven hours. When you walk in the door, of course, you salivate. By the time you eat a few buckets full, you are ready to hurl.

Then, there is the lack of a water source that doesn’t require you to take out a mortgage on your house and promise your first born in trade. Sodas and frozen drinks full of sodium and sugar just don’t help refill the missing H2O sucked out of your body by the salty popcorn.

Finally, there is the sitting and sitting and sitting. Sure, curling up in a warm movie theater on a cold winter day may sound cozy, but your TiVo remote is not standing by. There are no bathroom breaks, walks to the mailbox, taking the dog out, refilling your glass of water (waaaaater) or stretching out on the couch. There is just slouching in chair that is too low to the ground with not enough available leg room.

However, it was freakin’ awesome!

I had so much fun I totally forgot that I was supposed to be at a class that night. Completely slipped my mind! Oops!

Also, I feel totally vindicated that the two movies Troy picked sucked and the one I really wanted to see was the best one we saw all day. I don’t think it was worth the price of admission, but it would be a good rental. We saw: Bridge to Terabithia (sucked), Norbit (suck suck sucked) and Music and Lyrics (didn’t completely suck). Apparently, February is a very bad month for movies. Out of all of the movies playing in all of greater Indianapolis, those were our three top picks. If it had been an ordinary Sunday, I would never have paid full price for any of them. Rentals.

Troy is trying to convince me to have a movie marathon next year where we try to cram in four movies in one day and invite our friends. He even said the f-word – “fundraiser.” I think if we do that, we will need to have training events ahead of time. We’ll have to condition our bodies to sit in awkward positions for long periods of time, to stay awake in the cozy darkness of the movie theater and to withstand consumption of gargantuan amounts of salt. We’ll have Survivor-like competitions to see who can sneak the most bottles of water and candy into various movie theaters in the tri-state area. (I don’t know which tri states, but we’ll find tri.) We’ll have “plot summary” events where you have to succinctly and quietly summarize the last 10 minutes of the movie to your bladder-impaired friend.

Whose in?

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  1. Rosie and Troy,

    I love your idea of a 4 movie marathon next year, especially if there was some sort of fundraiser aspect to it! I’ve not even seen 2 movies back to back, so I will have to do some sort of training for it. Depending on where I am location-wise next year, I would say that I was in!

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  2. No good movies in February? Ben and I saw Children of Men (my pick) and Pan’s Lambryth (his pick) in February. Not in the same day though. Both were good. Above average good.

    If there is a butt masseuse at the 4 movie marathon, I’m in. I’ll bring a keg of water and wear Depends.

    In junior high I saw three movies in one day. We paid for Poltergeist/Psycho double feature. Then we snuck into Risky Business. Good times.

    Glad your Cancerversary is past!! : )

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  3. Count me in–but I loved “Bridge to Terabithia”. I cried. Julia just read the book in school so 3 classes at her school went Saturday as an optional field trip. Favorite part:

    Leslie: “You’re lucky you have a sister.”
    Jess: “I’ve got four of them and I’d trade ’em all for one good dog.”

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