I did 10K this morning. What did you do?

As some of you know or will recall, I’m signed up to walk in the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, the largest half-marathon in the United States. It will be May 5.

Although I’m sure some people just show up May 5 and finish in record time (ha), I decided I needed a little advance training. My athletic skills aren’t what they used to be … yeah, ok, I never actually have had athletic skills.

So, the training series is three events each a month apart – 5K, 10K and 15K. I missed the 5K. It was 10 degrees that day and I was sick and trying not to get sicker. Today was really reasonable weather for the beginning of March.

10K is about 6.2 miles. Since January, I’ve been walking on a treadmill when I could. I walked my first real distance last weekend and it was six miles. My pace last weekend was about 20 minute miles.

I set a record this morning. I finished last out of 1,660 people. Yay me! (Click here to see the race results.)

It was tough. At first, I thought I was going to be OK – there were people far behind me for the first two miles. Of course, they gradually creeped up on me and passed me until there was just one lone woman behind me. I kept peeking over my shoulder. I just knew if I could keep her back there, the “pick up” van wouldn’t pester me. They would have to get past her first! Then, in the first quarter of the third mile, she passed me! ACK! As we approached the third mile marker, the van came up to me and the driver said, “You are really close to 18 minute miles, but you have to pick up the pace. You have to stay above 18 minutes.” I looked up at the clock on mile 3 and realized the driver wasn’t a math major – I was way closer to a 20 minute mile than 18 minutes.

I kept chugging along. I tried to tell myself how awesome I was, even though I was freaking out that they were going to make me get in the van. I knew I could do the distance – speed was the issue and I knew it would be an issue long before I got there. I just had really hoped there would be more than 10 feet between me and the van!

At every downhill slope in the road, I tried to make gravity work for me, speeding up a bit. Of course, the reverse effect was true on the uphill slopes whether I was determined not to let it slow me down or not.

The volunteers all along the route were great. I kept telling the more friendly ones to slow down the van for me, to distract them or cause a disturbance. None of them really listened.

With just 1 1/2 miles to go, the van driver pulled alongside and said, “If you can’t pick up the pace, I will have to pick you up and take you to that last medic station.” It was like two blocks away. She was serious. I gave her a dirty look and decided they could not FORCE me to get in the van. I’m a free citizen of this country and if I had to finish the race on the sidewalks, then, dammit, I would.

She left me alone after that point. However, with about a mile left, one of the volunteers hopped out of the van and started walking with me. I think it was their not-so-secret plan to help me pick up the pace. It might have helped in miles 1-4, but by that point, I was pretty pooped. Well, I think it did help me just a bit, as it would for anyone.

So, I finished. It was last, but I finished. I was feeling pretty good that I had eluded the van, but sad that I hadn’t kept a better pace. Discouraged, I guess, to be the VERY LAST person to finish! I called Troy on the way home. He asked how I did and I told him I was last. He said, “You finished?” Well, yes, of course I finished. “That is awesome!” Then, he went on to say, “You did better than the one and a half million people in Indianapolis who never got their butts out of bed this morning.”

That is why I married him. I wasn’t last. I was 1,660 out of 1.5 million. Heck, that’s like the top 1/10 of 1 percent.

I totally ROCK!

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  1. Way to go!!! Your determination is great and they obviously picked up on your spirit to finish. Just keep it up – you’ll do great in May!

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  2. I just got home from my (wimpy) walk and decided I needed some inspiration. I logged onto your blog and found this TOTALLY INSPIRATIONAL entry. You go girl!! Keep up the great work!!

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  3. Okay, you beat my butt. Although I had a sick boy starting at 11p Friday night, so my Saturday was spent hovering close to home within easy reach of clean clothes and diapers. But spring is here (fer a minute), so I’m hoping to follow your lead and get out the door for some exercise. You go!

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  4. You totally rock! That has been my goal for so many years… lose weight and run the mini. I’ve neither lost the weight nor signed up for the mini, so you are certainly not last in my book!

    P.S. Troy’s comment made me chuckle, because I used to call my ex-husband DH. Actually, I still do, but it no longer means darling husband. 😉

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  5. You majorly rock and so does troy!!

    Jen D

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