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Did you watch the Today Show today? Did you see me screaming in the crowd?

I was there.

The weather here got very, very stinky overnight. It is cold, sleeting. We stood outside for almost an hour waiting for Meredith, Al and Matt to join us. I wanted to make a sign and play the “cancer card” since it is the one year diagnosis of my breast cancer. I thought it might help me get on the air. But, the cold, wind and sleet thwarted those plans. Actually, they reprioritized those plans.

I’m all about finding the right priorities in my life these days. So, when it became obvious that protection against the weather was more important than finding a poster board and marker, we decided to just show up.

By the way, I’m in New York celebrating my cancerversary, if you haven’t figured that out.

I also saw Giovanni Ribisi last night at a Q&A session after a test preview of his new movie Perfect Stranger. I’ll wait until I’m safely back in Indiana before I give you my opinion of that little flick. It will be out in late April. Let’s just say you don’t need to start saving your pennies for the ticket.

Love Giovanni. I hope I spelled his name right. I’m at an internet kiosk or I would look him up for you. Can’t multitask standing here with a line of people behind me. Go to and you’ll find him. Most people around my age will recognize him as Phoebe’s brother on Friends. He’s a really amazing actor, has done a ton of independent films that I love. He was a hoot.

I’m going to some workshops at a journalism conference, too! I’m just getting a whole lot done this weekend! Learned a lot about podcasting. Perhaps something in store for the future of I don’t know. Stay tuned.

Gotta go before these college students behind me kick my butt.


I heart New York!

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  1. Jealous. I’m jealous!

    Sigh… NYC.

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