Surgery tomorrow

Hey, kids!

I have my exchange surgery tomorrow – exchanging the expander for an implant. There is also a little, uh, shall we call it “tissue” removal that needs to happen – something weird that got left behind at my mastectomy. I will not be sharing pictures.

Then, my plastic surgeon is also going to re-excise the scar from my port removal. It has healed all bumpy and shiny and it itches all of the time. (She didn’t remove it; someone from another group whose name I don’t even know did it.) The first scar, from when they put the port in, is still visible and it is flat and nice! Too bad the surgeon who removed the port missed that day of surgeon’s school.

So, my plastic surgeon is going to fix that, along with the exchange.

I won’t have a finished breast when it is done, but it will be much closer. The implant should be much softer than the expander and it will be appropriately shaped, rather that the odd football shape of the expander. It should be close in size to my real breast on the other side.

I won’t be having a nipple created at this time. I’m undecided on how I’m proceeding from here, so we are leaving that out for now. I have to decide what I’m going to do on the other side – breast lift and reduction (to match) or a mastectomy and reconstruction? It matters because where the nipple gets placed is different in each case! Isn’t that a hoot? Question I never thought I’d answer: Where do I want my nipple? Also, my options of HOW I get a nipple are different. If I leave the other breast untouched, then my PS can either remove tissue from under my arm and use it to build a nipple or I can just get a fake nipple tattooed on. If I do any surgery on the other breast, she can lift some of the nipple tissue from that breast or extra breast skin to build a nipple! Oy! Decisions, decisions!! I think maybe I’ll get drunk Saturday night and talk all my girlfriends into going to get nipples tattooed. 😉

I’ll be starting surgery around 10:30 a.m. and should be out around noon, in recovery for about two hours. Troy will probably post when I’m out to let you know I’m doing ok!

Really, this surgery should be a piece of cake compared to anything else I’ve done. I’ve been told to plan to take two weeks off work, but that many people go back sooner. So, that’s the plan!

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  1. i was going to email you today to say good luck with your surgery. I hope it all goes well. We are praying for you. If your recovery is short we would still love to see you for memorial day.


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  2. Hope you’re doing great, Rosie! I can understand the dilemma of the decision – even with my totally elective tattoo, it took me six months to decide on what it should look like. I can’t even imagine all your decisions. I have trouble choosing floor tile!


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