Britney Spears is really mean.

I only have time for a mini rant today.

I just want to share with you what the Britney Spears shaving incident has done to hundreds of young cancer patients everywhere.

I just heard a story today about a woman at a concert where a passerby pointed, yelled and said, “Hey, look, it’s Britney Spears!”

Apparently, the person making the comment though she was just the height of hilarity. Of couse, the bald cancer patient who was the subject of the comment was hurt and made to feel stupid.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. Probably a dozen women or more have said that people at work have made comments like, “Oh, gee, now you look like Britney.”

Goodness, people, do you not understand how hurtful that is?

Tell all of your stupid friends that there are a whole lot of young bald women out there who aren’t bald for kicks and giggles. They didn’t shave their heads out of some sort of post-divorce crisis. They aren’t making a militant fashion statement.

They are SICK. They are TIRED. They are feeling very LOW SELF-ESTEEM. They don’t want to be like Britney. They want to survive. They want to feel pretty again. They want their life to be normal again (but they know it will never be).

Next time you have a friend who is bald from chemo, tell her she is beautiful and give her a hug. That is all you can do. No jokes, unless she makes them first. Don’t try to console her by saying “it’s just hair.” It isn’t “just” hair – it’s her breasts, her ovaries, her health, her life. The hair is just the most visible outward sign of a war inside of her body.

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  1. Well said Rosie.

    I know for me it wasn’t a big thing losing my hair. It never worried me. I know for some women though it’s very traumatic. Made worse when someone makes a stupid comment.

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  2. I have never seen chemo patient that was not beautiful. Each of you are going through a rite of passage. Unfortunately you did not choose to go through it. God has given you the beauty of humility. That is more gorgeous than any model could ever hope to have! Love you lots.

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