Things you never thought you’d hear from a 6-year-old

So, this morning, I was getting dressed. Colleen was hanging around. I was putting on a new sports bra and Colleen said with a lot of wonder in her voice, “Wow, mommy. Do you wear that bra because it makes your breast look real?”

Oy vay.

Yes, the answer is yes, but please tell me you don’t have these conversations with the kids at school. I’m going to get arrested!

I have a 6-year-old who is so well-versed in breast health and breast cancer that she can tell you how a nipple is reconstructed and where the tissue transplants can come from.

Speaking of Colleen, here is a picture she drew of me and her having a tea party a few months back. She is a terrific artist. I love her work. Notice my hair and my dangly earrings. Notice my lips – have I had collagen injections? Notice also how skinny I am! I love that we are sitting on office chairs – see the wheel ring at the bottom?

When she gave this to me, I asked her if my hair really looked like that. She literally fell down laughing. No answer, just fell to the ground and started laughing. That kid is a hoot.

Author: rosie

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  1. Wonderful, arn’t they? B asked about the “Tampoooons”. It took me about 30 seconds to understand what she was asking about.

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  2. i love the lips, they are very becoming. ha ha ha ha.

    ha ha ha ha to b too!!

    Jen D

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