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I wanted to say thanks to everyone offering me their support. I do appreciate it.

I especially appreciate the stories about people separating that ended in them being happily married (to each other). I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that until I read the first story! Then, other people started sharing and I was just floored. I had even totally forgotten about one friend who was separated for a couple of months, who now has been happily married for pushing 10 years. (Well, I didn’t forget about my friend, I forgot about the separation. They are so dang cute and happy I had put it out of my mind.)

Please feel free to post those stories here. Here is what I requested in yesterday’s post:

Also, if any of you have positive outcomes of a temporary separation to share with me, I would like to hear about it or get any advice you have. Now, notice I said POSITIVE outcomes. To me, that means the end result was a happy marriage. It’s possible for you that meant the end result was a good divorce. I’m not ready to entertain that idea at this time.

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  1. Hi Rosie,
    I know it has been awhile, but I want to offer you hugs and hope! Hope that you and Biff can and will find most importantly a friendship that will grow and blossom! I can say from experience that Bill is still my friend, and he will tell you this too, and the only Dad Bridgett will ever have. He and I continue to parent together and while Bridgett sometimes struggles with the together but apart concept, I would not have it any other way right now. As selfish as it sounds for me, I have time to continue to heal from my depression and focus on her. I see her every day and every other weekend and it is wonderful! She is adjusting well to everything.

    Have hope, Rosie! Have faith as well. Keep on journaling and talking things out as holding them in only leads to more depression and anxiety for fear of the unknown. If I can listen or answer questions for you, let me know!! I’m sure Bill will help too!

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