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Hey, party people!

I’ve been struggling a lot recently with what to write about on the blog. You all know I love to write and it comes pouring out of me pretty easily. However, I’m getting tired of writing dorky little updates on my life. I prefer my more therapeutic posts myself – the times when I am thinking through some new challenge or emotion I’m facing. It’s more interesting to write, more helpful to me and I imagine it is more interesting to read.

However, many of the new challenges or emotions I’m facing these days just aren’t appropriate for the blog. And I don’t mean that as some cryptic slam against Troy – it’s not. My feelings about that right now can be easily summarized: I want the very best for him and I believe he feels the same for me. What we are going through certainly doesn’t seem appropriate for the blog, but I’m not even sure that’s my greatest challenge these days. I’m doing a lot of different things with my life and it’s just too soon to talk about it or it involves other people and I hate talking about other people out of respect for their privacy. I would hate to become the woman you can’t be friends with because she’ll talk about you on her blog. The other problem is a lot of stuff is just boring. Do you really want to hear how I worked with Colleen on her math tables tonight? I didn’t think so.

I’m sure I’ll write about some of this one of these days, but as I’m going through it, these things just can’t be made public. And I’m not talking about major things – just the tiny little changes that all people go through. I’m even talking about fun and exciting things. I’m talking about issues I’m working on in therapy, relationships with new people or rekindling old friendships. It’s all good. It’s all normal. I just happen to write about my life and I’m struggling about how I should do that these days.

Somehow, it was easier to write about my breasts than it is about personal relationships. Work is also off-topic because, well, people get fired for blogging about work all of the time – even if what they say is good – so I’d rather not risk that. Thankfully, no one in my family is suffering major tragedy, so there’s nothing there to write about (amen!).

That’s my life in a nutshell: work, family, friends. It’s a very good life. I’m enjoying it. But if I can’t write about that or don’t have anything to say, then what do I do?

So, I’m really interested to know what you want to hear. I have lots of ideas, but most of them have nothing to do with the present moment. I could write endlessly about past experiences – changing the names to protect the innocent. I also have lots of ideas having to do with breast cancer and related issues, but I also know I need to be able to talk about other things, too. Not for you – for me!

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  1. ok, i want to know the craziest thing you’ve done this year, and the most fun you’ve had this year so far. you can change names to protect the innocent by standers ha ha.

    Jen D

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  2. I am expecting my first child and am feeling very anxious about whether I will ‘cut it’ as a mom. I am pretty sure that I will be good…or at least not damage the kid too much. But would love to hear from all Girlfriend Moms the struggle and excitement they had about moving in to that brave new world.

    –A friend who remains Anonymous

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  3. Rosie,
    Maybe you could write about everyday experience (like going to the grocery store, mowing the lawn…) and what they mean in light of all that has been going on in your life. Comment on strangers you meet, news stories you hear, etc.

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  4. Heck, make stuff up! Use this as your diving board into the pool of fiction. Show our beloved Jennifer Weiner how funny YOU are!

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