I’m taking notes!

I’m working on a list of ideas for future blog posts … and essays that probably won’t really make it to the blog because they will be too long. But I’ll do something with them!

A couple of people gave a few great ideas. I’d love to hear from anyone else!

Jen D. said, “I want to know the craziest thing you’ve done this year, and the most fun you’ve had this year so far. You can change names to protect the innocent.”

I have one thing in mind, but I’ll start thinking about this. I’ve done a lot of fun things this year! Stay tuned.

Anonymous (and I’m really not sure who this person is) said, “I am expecting my first child and am feeling very anxious about whether I will ‘cut it’ as a mom. I am pretty sure that I will be good…or at least not damage the kid too much. But would love to hear from all Girlfriend Moms the struggle and excitement they had about moving in to that brave new world.”

Oh, my. I struggled for a lot of years after my daughter was born worrying that I was a bad mom. And I mean really bad – as in screwing her up forever. I’m over that now, so I think I could talk about the journey to accepting the good in myself and how that translates to parenthood. You will make so many sacrifices – even starting in early stages of pregnancy – that alone tends to make people good parents. Then, there is the love, love, love that you will pour into the kid. I’m still very busy screwing up my daughter, so I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about along these lines.

Judy suggested, “Maybe you could write about everyday experience (like going to the grocery store, mowing the lawn…) and what they mean in light of all that has been going on in your life. Comment on strangers you meet, news stories you hear, etc.”

This is a really interesting idea. I can tell you that in the last few months, I’ve felt far more “bubbly” with strangers than I ever have been. I chat people up in the grocery store line all of the time, which is nothing I ever did before. I frequently discuss the headlines on front of the celebrity mags with the cashiers and we try to solve world problems through dissecting the lives of overly-paid famous people. I’m not sure why I’m doing this. Boredom would be my initial guess, but I will think about that some more. I feel like I’m trying to make a much greater human connection in all of my dealings, so it might be manifesting itself in being overly friendly with strangers (as well as reconnecting with the people I love).

These are great ideas. If anyone thinks of something else, please feel free to post a comment here. You can do it anonymously.

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