I (heart) my iPod

I’m trying to tell you something about my life.
Maybe give me insight between black and white.
The best thing you’ve ever done for me.
Is to help me take my life less seriously.
It’s only life after all.
~ The Indigo Girls, Closer to Fine

Last year for Christmas, I got an iPod.

I love it.

It lets me be a rock star in the privacy of my own car.

I sing so much that my daughter has learned lyrics to songs for which she has never actually heard the music. It’s too bad she’ll never learn the melodies to this music. I didn’t say I was a GOOD rock star.

It has, like, 40GB of space on it. That is just incredible to think of right there. 40GB. The first computer I purchased in 1993, which was the height of Macintosh technology at the time, had a 40MB hard drive. This sucker fits in the palm of my hand and has 1,000 times as much storage capacity.

I have stored over 4,000 songs on it and have only used about half of the space.

It makes me so dang happy.

So, until further notice, I’m just going to quote song lyrics. I hope you don’t mind.

Author: rosie

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  1. I recently got an iPod nano (not the video kind). I am in love with it as well.
    You can get a connector that hooks up to your car lighter and transmitts to a radio station so everyone can hear….

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  2. Yeah! I have that, actually. But a few weeks ago, I had to replace the battery in my car. That reset the radio and now it needs a code that is a closely guarded secret by the dealership and I haven’t managed to get over there to have them fix it. So, no tunes broadcast in my car right now!

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