A boring post

I just realized I hadn’t posted in almost two weeks. Time to check in.

I have been reading back through comments and want to say thank you to everyone who comments on my blog. You guys are really darn sweet to me. You make my life better, no doubt about it. And if you have a blog, do tell me about it. I discovered Google Reader recently and it has completely simplified my blog reading! I can add you to the list and post comments on your blogs, too.

I’ve been working outrageous hours this week trying to prepare for a trip for work. I’m still in the process of getting caught up at work (darn near there), as well as dealing with the fact that my job is just very hectic (a shift that seemed to happen when I wasn’t paying attention or perhaps when I was on various drugs), and preparing to be gone all next week. It’s sounds like I’m going on vacation – Las Vegas and then Palm Springs – but it’s actually work! It will be fun, I’m sure. I’m pretty easily entertained – I think getting on an airplane and showing up halfway across the country a few hours later is completely fascinating. I don’t even mind sitting in airports, as long as there is a place to sit and I have enough reading material with me. Sometimes I even like it, when I don’t have anywhere else I need to be it gives me time to actually finish a book or two!

So, I’ll be in Vegas next week. I’m not sure if I’ll post or not because, you know: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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