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I realized I hadn’t posted in a couple of weeks. So, here is the big news:

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Refreshing, isn’t it?

After the drama of 2006 and 2007, I need some nada, some zip and a little zilch. A whole lotta nothing is great, too.

In cancer-related news, I have an appointment with my surgeon in about a week and want to see if I can get approved for a second mastectomy and reconstruction on that side. Scheduling of this is still months away, but I can’t wait to get it over with.

Things have settled down for me tremendously with medications. The cancer drug is interfering with my life less than it had been and I’m off all other medicines that have the potential to interfere with sleep and energy levels. The tamoxifen is still impacting my energy, but not too awful. I see great benefits when I eat right (including balancing meals through the day) and exercise. I still have lows that are related to the drug – I can tell it’s drug-related – but not nearly what I was feeling six months ago.

In the TMI (too much information) realm, my periods are totally screwed up from chemo. I went four months without one and am now having the second (severe) one in less than two weeks. And the best part is? There is not a damn thing to be done about it.

In family news, everyone is in one piece. Phew.

In Mini training news, boy oh boy have I been slacking big time. While I feel the time I need to train for the Mini is the same amount of time I should be exercising anyhow, I’ve had to have my mind (and body and time) on other priorities – like work. I can’t keep that up, though. To me, this exercise is every bit as important (more so, statistically) than taking my cancer drug. It has to be my first priority because we are talking about my health, long life and all that. 🙂 So, I need to get back to the pavement and hope to do that tomorrow, actually. With the weather a lot warmer, an outside walk in the morning sounds great! I’m not sure, though – a thunderstorm and wind warning might not help with those plans.

I saw some of the local young survivors this weekend at a gathering we had. It was great. It’s really nice to just hang out with them. We are all around the same age, dealing with the same stuff, the same cancer experiences, the same fears. It was good to see Sarah, who had to deal with a crappy skin recurrence that took her reconstruction away and additional node removal. She is looking great and getting close to the end of treatment. I went to the Smokies with her in August and I don’t think I’ve seen her since! Her hair is SUPER cute and she is looking healthy.

And on a related note, there has been a rash among my online friends dealing with horrendous crap. I know I’ve said before it seems to me that young women get dealt really weird blows in cancer treatment. I think it has to do with the aggressiveness of treatment and reconstruction. In addition, of course, the rates of recurrence and Stage IV disease in young women is much higher. So, a lot of people who went through treatment at the same time as me are now dealing with recurrences, mets, or even freakier medical problems. One woman has chemo-induced leukemia! For goodness sake, some of these people just need a break. If you would, please keep in your thoughts and prayers my friends Sarah, Lola, Sam, Danica, Jayme, Lisa, Ally and all the rest.

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