R.I.P. Motorola CE0168

Motorola CE0168

Avon, Ind. – Motorola CE0168, age 3, of Avon was declared dead Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008, in the AT&T Hospital at U.S. 267 and 100N, following 24-hours on life support. He was born in late 2004 in a Motorola manufacturing plant, probably in Schaumburg, Ill., and was adopted by Rosie in early 2005. He served as a faithful cell phone throughout numerous family trauma and tragedy, including Rosie’s dad’s double heart by-pass and double knee replacement surgeries; Rosie’s father-in-law’s diagnosis of cancer and subsequent death; Rosie’s brother’s traumatic brain injury and hospitalization; Rosie’s nephew’s tour of duty in Iraq; numerous and varied drama among Rosie’s friends; Rosie’s own multiple surgeries and chemotherapy; and the meltdown of Rosie’s marriage. Motorola CE0168 was an admired and reliable servant, offering excellent reception and long talk hours (particularly with close friends and doctors), and volunteering with tasks such as voicemail, text messaging and the occasional Yahoo Mobile IM. Memorial services for Motorola CE0168 will be Monday at noon in the living room. Cremation will be in the brush pile, with ashes to be scattered from the window of Rosie’s minivan along I-70, where Motorola CE0168 was put to the greatest use. Motorola CE0168 is survived by two power cords, a car charger and a Bluetooth wireless headset. Memorial contributions may be made to the bank account of Rosie Blankenship for Motorola CE0168’s successor, the Nokia 6555, and a retraining program for Rosie to learn how to use the new phone.

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  1. This is far better than any of the SuperBowl commericials!!! Thanks for the laugh.

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  2. Rosie,
    What a great post! Thanks for the laugh. I was thinking about you and came across this. Hope you’re doing well.
    Take care.

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  3. Rosie, this is most hilarious thing I have read in ages!! You’re fabulous!

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  4. This sad story may yet have a happy ending. Our own ce0168 has proved very resilient, even surviving being buried in a snowbank recently. Its only companion, a car charger, is in poor health and may not make it much longer. If your chargers are still living with you, would they consider relocating? Of course I’d pay the adoption fee. I’m brlewis and can be reached @ourdoings.com

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  5. My dear ce0168 has been hanging on for the last 18 months following an afternoon of overly enthusiastic dog loving. She has been fading in and out and I believe she does not have a lot of time left with me.
    Your story reminded me to think about all the good times and her many strengths.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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