Two year blog-a-versary!

I’ve been in a wretched mood for a few days now. I’ve been crying off and on all weekend – for some good reasons, but mostly not. And even though I was aware I didn’t have very good reasons to be crying, I couldn’t stop.

So, Troy asked me today if I was doing the movie-a-thon again this year. The what? Huh? Sounded vaguely familiar … so he directed me to my own post from Feb. 18 of last year, when he and I saw three movies in one day as a way to commemorate the first anniversary of the day I first had breast pains. There was talk then of making it an annual event. Guess not!

But I think this is why I’ve been in such a horrible mood: cancerversary season has begun.

As much as I want to ignore it, this was a pretty wretched time of the year for me two years ago. I can not forget the date Feb. 18 – I even recalled it when I was diagnosed a few weeks later. I knew the exact day and circumstances of that first pain. I remembered it clearly. So, when I started this blog, I backdated it to Feb. 18, making today the official two-year anniversary of my blog.

Feb. 18 was the first. March 10 was the day I went to the doctor. March 15 was my first mammogram and a biopsy. March 17 was the day I was diagnosed. March 27 was my lumpectomy. From there on is a blur of doctors, multiple second opinions, procedures, fertility treatments, then chemo. April 26 was the egg collection procedure. April 27 was the port placement surgery. And April 28 was my first chemo.

Combine the cancerversaries with the general blah-ness of late winter for me and, yeah, I’m a freaking mess.

I’ve been doing very well the last few months and I’m not happy that I’m a freaking mess. I’m sure I will snap out of it soon.

This weekend may help. I’m heading to Florida on Friday for a Young Survivor’s Conference. Last year’s conference was amazing and inspirational. They are women who understand the havoc cancerversaries play on your head. I met many of them last year, went on a trip to the Smokies with some in August, and have many more I want to meet this year. I can’t wait to see these special friends again.

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  1. Hey Rosie, it’s funambulator from YSC. Our cancerversaries are close to each other, although mine will be one year this year. March 10 is when I got married last year, and April 12 is when I got officially diagnosed. Then my surgery was April 18. It’s all coming up so fast and I don’t really know how to feel about it… I was glad to see you address it here! I’m a late-winter-blahs person too, and so ready for sunshine and warmer weather!

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