MRI coming soon to a breast near you

I’m supposed to be getting a breast MRI soon on the “good” boob.

Breast MRIs, for reasons I don’t undersand, have to be scheduled around your menstrual cycle. Since my cycle is all shot to hell because of chemo, I never know when it’s going to happen. Apparently, having a breast MRI in the first 10 days (I think) of your cycle gives false readings.

The phone call to schedule the MRI went like this.

Nurse: Yes, I’m just calling to confirm that you no longer have menstrual cycles.
Me: (falling off my chair laughing) Well, I have menstrual cycles. Honey, I’m 36 years old. Still have my ovaries. I’m thinking that really ought to be in my chart somewhere.
Nurse: (shocked because the other 10,000 patients she has called this year are all post-menopausal and because I’m a smart ass) Oh, well, ok. Then, I need you to call me the day your next period starts so we can schedule the MRI.
Me: (rolling on the floor laughing) Darlin’, I never know when that’s going to be.
Nurse: I understand, but just call when it starts.
Me: No, seriously, I didn’t have one from September through December, then I had two in January. This MRI is going to set the date for my next surgery. Do you really want me to wait four months to call you?
Nurse: Oh.
Nurse: Oh. I think I need to talk to the doctor about this.

So, after consulting with the doc, the plan became that I should call four weeks after my last period and if I should start my period between the time I called and my scheduled appointment, I should call BACK and reschedule.

Oy vay.

Only the problem is I was out of town four weeks after my last period and just remembered I need to make that phone call. (Still no period, of course, because that would have made things easy.) Was resolute to get it done “first thing Monday.”

Then I woke up this morning and realized today is the second anniversary of “the” doctor’s appointment which set off this whole cancer business.

I’m thinking I’ll wait until tomorrow to call. lol.

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  1. Hey Rosie,

    I ran across your blog while googling Dr Grasee. I’ll be consulting with her about my reconstruction sometime soon. I also noticed from one of your commenters, that you’re apparently originally from The Haute. Me too!

    Check out my blog at

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