Chemo pain, almost two years from the start

Since last week, I’ve been dealing with pain all over that I think is the same old residual chemo stuff.

Fun, right?

Just when I think I’m out of the woods on stupid cancer side effects, they bite me in the ass.

It was so bad yesterday and today, I totally was struggling to get through the day. I forgot a plastic surgeon’s appointment today. Errggh. I knew it, was written on my calendar in plain English, but I was having trouble concentrating all day because of the pain and forgot to go. I only managed to get one thing of significance done today because of my concentration problems.

I’m feeling slightly better this evening. I took over a three-hour nap, from 5 until now. Poor Colleen, hanging out all evening alone. But … she did totally tear up the virtual Webkinz kingdom while I slept! She got her first Webkinz today following her awesome birthday party yesterday.

I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will get this under control.

I really think it’s the chemo pain again. I think it was triggered from being tired and exerting myself too much. It started last Thursday, when I spent about four hours Thursday evening doing yardwork. Then, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep Thursday or Friday. Was struggling with some pain then. Then, worked my butt off Saturday and Sunday to prepare Colleen’s party. When I finally rested Sunday evening, it came on as soon as I stopped moving. And it’s nerve pain – nothing I ever had experienced before chemo, but boy did it almost do me in during the Taxol treatments.

One of the ways I realize it’s this pain (because I have a tendency to pretend it isn’t there) is when I look in the mirror: I get these particular lines on my face. I get them when I’m having this pain or when I’m really extremely sick – like from the flu. Other kinds of pain don’t do it – I might get an angry look if I’m just hurting from muscle pain. But this nerve pain triggers this particular, uncontrollable look of extreme fatigue. When I look in the mirror, I think, “Wow, I look like hell.”

It worries me. I hope that’s all that it is, of course, just pain. And it’s a particular pain that, in turn, nauseates me. So, it is just completely draining in many ways.

This Friday is the two year anniversary of when I started chemo. My oncologist has said these symptoms will go away after two years from the end of chemo. I hope. That will be in August. Four months …

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