To my daughter on Mother’s Day

My sweet girl,
I celebrate today because of you –
The child I conceived in my heart
Long before you were conceived in my body.

My wild, happy girl,
With my eyes
And my smile
And my bad attitude.

My smart, curious girl,
Who explores the world
With your mind and all of your senses
And never takes “because” for an answer.

My sensitive, introspective girl,
Full of deep thoughts
Whose knowledge of human nature
Exceeds your age by decades.

My girl of greatness,
Who has experienced and achieved more
In seven short years
Than some do in 20.

My sweet girl,
I will always be your mother
No matter what else may change.
I am forever yours, as you are forever mine.

My girl.

Copyright 2008 by Rosie Blankenship

Author: rosie

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