This is what 1/4-million dollar boobs look like?

The chest isn’t too pretty right now and Rosie ain’t feeling so great. Not just about the unpretty chest, but today, for some reason, I’m in more pain than yesterday. Just a bump in the road, I think. I didn’t “overdo” it over the weekend or anything. I’ve had more rest than I can stand, except I’m too tired to do anything about it!

Most days, though, I’m feeling better than the day before. The surgery went well. I think I’m getting the drain out tomorrow, which is quite a bit earlier in the process than I did last time.

I’ve been very well taken care of. Friends have been helping with Colleen, bringing me food and giving rides. My mom was here all week and totally whipped this place into shape!

I’ll update you later when I’m feeling better. Haven’t been on the computer hardly at all until today, but I am doing ok! Promise!

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  1. I’m thinking of you Rosie. Glad you are feeling better!


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