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I met my friend Danica online shortly after I was dignosed with breast cancer – she was diagnosed just six weeks after me and we started chemo around the same time. So, we bonded over that experience and we’ve spent two Young Survivor’s conferences together. Just last month, Danica mourned the loss of our friend and her dear pal, Jayme, who was also diagnosed at the same time we were and died from breast cancer after fighting for two years.

When Danica had just finished her breast cancer treatments – and like so many young survivors do, was still dealing with surgeries – she was diagnosed with chemo-induced leukemia. She has been battling against this new disease for a year now. The ongoing leukemia treatment causes recurrent infections. She has been on the brink of death several times and is really struggling to survive.

She is a young woman – just 30-years-old, with three young children. Danica is spunky and a fighter. It’s really a miracle she has made it this far with the treatments she has been enduring. But she is still here and she can do this. Her hope now is to get a bone marrow transplant.

So many times, when you hear about someone being sick, there is this utter helplessness – nothing you can do. But this is a time when you can actually help! You might be the cure Danica needs.Visit and learn what it takes to become a bone marrow donor. Have your blood tested to see if you are a match. The procedures are simple and you can read more about them on the site.

The sick irony in this is that those of us who know and love Danica so well, who have supported her in this battle, are not eligible to be bone marrow donors because we are all survivors of breast cancer. So, we need your help! We are asking all of our family and friends who qualify to please be tested to be a donor. What Danica has now is CURABLE. Let’s find the person who has that cure.

Please forward this message as you are able. We need to find a match for Danica and we need it soon.

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  1. I see that she passed away. So sad…do you know anyone who’s ever been a donor?

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  3. I’m at work and thinking of my sister Danica. I decided to Google her name, and came across your site. I’m in shock, taken off-guard, and very emotional right now. But, I am also somewhat comforted. I miss her terribly. Thank you for writing this. Carissa

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  4. Carissa … I think about you and Danica’s children all of the time. You have a lot of people you have never met holding you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

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  5. Oh my God! I have just read this as Carissa has found it and sent it to me to read. My heart breaks again. I have not overcome the loss of Danica and I know everyone says it takes time. Many years have passed and the loss of my mom has not passed. I think of her each time I see her children. I cry in front of them also. Thank all of you for your support during her struggle..God Bless You All.
    Danica’s Mom Mickey

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  6. Hi, I was a friend Of Danica, I met her mom and children, I just found out now of her passing, she was the toughest woman I have ever known, she was a wonderful mom, I feel so bad for her children and family, can someone please help me find her sister Carissa, or her mom Mickey’s Email address, thanks Tony Troffa

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  7. Tony: send me an email at rosieblankenship at gmail dot com and I will pass this message along.

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  8. Dearest Danica, I miss you terribly and sometimes just Google your name because I can no longer call and hear your voice. I think we became great friends the moment we met. Maybe because you were away from home and missed your Mom and I was a “mother” figure. Anyway, I feel so honored to have been there when your first two babies were born.I will always regret missing your third child’s birth. Along with regretting for the rest of my life not just getting in my car and driving to see you when you last spoke to me and said in the sweetest voice, Debbie please come see me. I will never forget those words and the lessons that you taught me.I know I will see you again because you are a part of who I am. You changed my life in so many ways. You taught me the greatest lesson one can learn and that is if you love someone tell them, and never ever wait for tomorrow to show them how much they mean to you. For as I learned the hard way, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Truer words were never spoken. I love you Danica!! Your friend forever, Debbie

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