My 21-day challenge

During the last two years, I’ve struggled with what to say on this blog. While I want to be an advocate for breast cancer survivors, particularly those under 40 and women in high-risk situations (women of color, low-income women and those without insurance), and helping people learn about treatments and survivorship issues, I also feel like there is so much more about which I could be writing. There are personal things I would like to share, as much for myself as being a help to others. I also just have many interests that I think would be fun to write about. And I seem to live a life riddled with hysterical moments that are too good not to share.

The struggle is (perhaps I should say “was”) that I am not certain whether a blog I started as a place to write about my breast cancer and treatment is the place to write about whatever I want. Furthermore, I struggle with whether the things I want or need to write about are ready for primetime, so to speak.

I’ve discerned about this quite a lot and here are the conclusions I’ve made:

  • I love blogging.
  • I love to write for an audience. I’m a “center stage” type of a person and I’ve written for public consumption since I was probably 11 years old. (I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was 8 and, even then, would create fake newspapers, write essays for fun and force people to read them, or write plays and force friends to be in them.) That’s not to say I don’t write privately, but I do my best work when I write knowing people will read it. I’m addicted to the spotlight. It’s part of who I am and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as I know when to share the stage or when to step behind the curtain for an act or two. I’ve decided to stop denying this and embrace it.
  • I process things – particularly difficult things – through writing. When I don’t blog, I don’t write as much and I get myself into a world of hurt. This is a completely selfish goal of my writing!
  • My name is and has always been the access point for this blog. So, if I choose to write about something besides breast cancer – anything that pertains to me – I have now decided that is a completely valid approach. It’s my name on the door. When you step inside, you get all of me – not just the breast cancer part of me.

After having reached these utterly Earth-shattering conclusions, I issued a challenge to myself.

We all know the old idea that it takes 21 days to build a habit, good or bad. I think there is research on the wiring of the brain to support that this works, but I’m being lazy and I’m not going to look that up right now. (If you want to confirm this, let me introduce you to Google.) I know in the past I’ve committed to exercise plans for 21 days and at the end of the time, was so “addicted” to whatever exercise I was doing that I would sort of freak out whenever I missed a day.

So, in my plan to rejuvenate and refocus my blog and get myself back on a writing program, I’m committing to posting at least once a day every day for the next 21 days. (This is day 1.) I hope in the process I get back to a daily blogging habit.

Maybe you’ll join me by developing a daily blog-reading habit? 🙂

So you think you can dance?
Last night on “So you think you can dance?” Melissa and Ade did a performance of the plight faced by a woman with breast cancer. It is moving and I think is a good representation of what anyone with cancer faces. It is also absolutely stunning in what performers can communicate without words. The point where Melissa is grabbed by her wrists and her stiff body is lifted into the air really got me. It was so completely the feeling one has when involuntarily whisked into the world of cancer.

I wish I could dance like this.

If you are so moved, would you please consider a donation for me to my favorite cause The Young Survival Coalition? I would appreciate it.

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