You know me “when”

I was interviewed today for the magazine column about my blog that will be published in January.

I hate being interviewed.

My awkwardness in speaking about myself and my inability to think in clear sentences with perfect structure really comes out when I try to answer questions.

The whole time, I just think, “if I only I could write these answers – I’d make so much more sense!”

I can write about my fabulousness all day long! But to TALK about it – phew. It’s exhausting.

It makes me regret all of the many people I have tortured over the years with interviews.

To all of those out there of whom I have asked the hard-hitting question: I’m sorry!

I will say, though, not once did I say, “don’t print that!” I know better. The quotes followed by those words are always the juiciest.

Oncology visit
I have a visit to the oncologist tomorrow. It’s a standard 6-month checkup. I pretty much forgot about it. That should tell you a lot about my relationship to cancer these days!

My blog
This is now day 2 of my 21-day blogging do-over. This weekend, I hope to release a new look and feel for you. Maybe. It depends how easily my template work falls into place. The last time, after much hard work, my design efforts resulted in default green dots.

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