Promise to Danica

danicaAs an active participant of the Young Survival Coalition, I have young survivor friends scattered all over the world. I have the great fortune of seeing many of them every year at the annual conference.

One friend I made not long after I started chemo was Danica Martinez. I wrote about her around this time last year. After chemo and surgery, when she thought she was out of the woods, Danica came down with chemo-induced leukemia. During August last year, her friends and family were working to find a bone marrow donor for her. Danica died Sept. 2, 2008, without finding that donor. She left behind three beautiful children.

A mutual friend, Debbie, also met Danica in the same way I did. But Debbie realized that while she had a huge support system to take care of her while on chemo and through surgery, Danica was a single mom without much help. Debbie made a promise to Danica that when she was feeling better, she would start an organization to provide support for young women going through cancer treatment.

That’s how The Breast Cancer Sisterhood was born.

Debbie does a lot of great work with that organization and she has helped a lot of women. You can learn more about it at her site.

Debbie is participating in a contest by O’Cedar to win $1,000. You can help! All you have to do is visit the O’Cedar site and vote for Debbie’s story every day. To do this, go to the site by clicking here. Then, go to “My Promise to Danica,” which is the third story on the far right. (Be sure to read the story first.) Check the box next to story, scroll to the bottom and enter your email address, then submit. You can do this once a day until Sept. 3.

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