Fatigue and whatnot

I’ve been battling fatigue for a few months now. I can’t quite seem to find the source of it.

I’ve put on weight – 30 pounds in 7 months. Chicken or the egg? Not quite sure.

In the last two months, I suddenly have high blood pressure. Really high. Stage 2 hypertension, to be exact.

This is not normal for me. I am normally very normal when it comes to blood pressure! Throughout a pregnancy and chemo, I never had blood pressure problems. Suddenly, I do.

Thyroid testing came back fine. This thyroid “scare” I had back in December ended up being nothing more than Tamoxifen screwing with my body.

I saw my primary care doctor just over a week ago. She said, “something’s not right!” (Uh-huh!)

So, she ordered a bunch of tests. Apparently, they were back on Friday afternoon, but the doc needed to look at them before anyone could tell me what was going on.

All weekend – waiting, waiting, waiting.

Can’t wait until tomorrow!

Author: rosie

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