Pay attention when you see commercials for breast cancer related items.

Whether it’s commercials for drugs to treat breast cancer, ads for cancer treatment centers or glossy ads in magazines to encourage you to buy a pink vaccuum to support the cause, do you see her? Do you see the bald, sick woman, wondering if she is going to survive treatment, let alone the disease? Do you see the woman wondering whether she should remove her breasts and some other body parts to fight the disease full force? Do you see the woman swimming in debt from medical bills (whether she is insured or not)? Can you see the stress and anxiety? Can you see the damage that’s being done to her family?
Or do you see a youthful, healthy woman, with a full head of hair, who is probably far below the average age for breast cancer diagnosis, who is probably an actress or model and who probably doesn’t have cancer, at least not at the time the photo is being taken?

Author: rosie

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