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I am working hard to make this blog better every day. Ok, not “hard” in the way someone shoveling a ditch today is working hard, but “hard” for we creative types. I’m thinking about it whenever my brain doesn’t have anything else to do (i.e. in the shower, while sitting at stoplights, while washing dishes which, of course, I do at least three times a day, etc.) I’m doing research. I’m working on a redesign. I’m diligently making lists of ideas that I want to share, but will have to wait until later.

THAT is hard work when your greatest marketable skills are that you rock at Google search, you are a fantastic speller and you kick butt at wrapping presents. (No, really, I gave a gift at a white elephant exchange years ago with a handmade doo-dad I created as I wrapped the thing and the recipient still tells me how she adores it and uses it as a tree ornament. That’s how much my gift wrapping kicks butt.)

Anyway, I’m trying to feel better about my 2009 blogging, which was pathetic by most measures, and I’m sick of reading other people’s 2009 lists. Yes, I want to be like Time magazine. Here is a recap of the best of the best of for 2009.

Lakes and life — My favorite post from this year. I don’t know whether I did the experience any justice at all, but I know I have returned to the moment I tried to describe here again and again. I wish you could have been there!

A little bundle of hope — Be honest. It makes you cry when you read it again, too.

It’s just a couple of cans of paint … — and it’s still not done. That damn Ty had better start returning my calls.

Do-over — I love this mainly because it’s about when I became a media darling.

Baldtober — I saw a commercial for a breast cancer drug. The healthy actresses made me mad. I blogged about it.

That’s it. Maybe next year, I’ll have a “10 for 10” list for you!

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