My three words for 2010

I follow Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog (because I am a nonprofit communicator by day) and recently she wrote about her three words for 2010, which was a concept inspired by several people, but ultimately attributed to Chris Brogan.

He says the point is to “come up with three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come.”

I like it. I like the idea of having small little snippets to help keep myself focused and if it’s just three little words, all the better! I’m not a big goal-setting person and I really do hate resolutions, but this sounds more to me like having a motto. I can get on board with a motto. It’s just a little something to keep me on track.

A few years ago, my dear, wonderful friend Amy Hayden of The Healing Chi was working on a life coach training program. She needed some people to coach, so I volunteered. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to work on, except I kept coming back to the idea of revisioning my life. (This was very soon after my husband left; I was kind of flopping around like a fish out of water.) She gave me some instruction on making a list of goals. I can’t remember her exact advice, except that I did what she said. (I think she had me focus on specific ideas and insisted I write down my goals. Ugh!!) Almost a year later, I discovered the forgotten list on my computer and opened the file to see what I had written. Much to my surprise, I had met every one of my objectives to my complete satisfaction and happiness.

I guess that’s why this little exercise is inspiring to me. I don’t think there is anything magical to it, just that in the process of thinking and writing about what you want, you think about it more actively going forward and your brain does work for you when you don’t even realize it.

So, here are my three words for 2010.

Love — in the last few years, my concept of love has been radically changed. And while I don’t think I’m a bitter person in any sense of that term, I don’t think the changes were for the better. This year, I’m going to explore love in the biggest sense possible of what it means to give and receive: in service, in relationships to others and, most importantly, in relationship to myself. I think I kind of got started on this in 2008, but just sort of coasted (out of emotional necessity) in 2009. I’m ready to get back to work. I think my life will be richer for it.

Money — I don’t like that this word is in my three words, but I thought about this a lot and realized that’s probably exactly why it needs to be here. I hate thinking about money. I resent, actually, that I can’t live life without it. I don’t need money to be happy and I spend very little money in this world. However, I do need a roof over my head, food in my tummy and my daughter’s welfare taken care of in order to be happy. That translates to money. I’m taking care of this matter this year in whatever way necessary. I’m going to stop being controlled by money or the lack thereof.

Writing — I’m going to do it this year in large quantities, for better or worse, whether you read it or don’t. I have no good reason other than it makes me happy and it feels like what I should be doing. There is a part of me that thinks all three of my words could easily fall into place if my focus is on writing. When I write, everything makes more sense to me (even if it doesn’t always make sense to you). I hope I am right about that. Time will tell.

Here are the words I rejected: dance (because I think I will do that no matter what), sing (ditto), clean (let’s be honest – it’s not going to happen), garden (this is therapy to me, as is writing, so maybe if I write a lot, I’ll get out in the garden, too???) and focus (again, hoping writing will help with that).

Ok, kids, I encourage you to work on your three words. It’s still January — lots of time left in the year. This was a great exercise for me!

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