Me in July 2006 on
Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

It’s the first day of October. For everyone who lives under a rock on Tristan da Cunha, it’s breast cancer awareness month.

(If you don’t get my sense of humor, that is the “most remote place on Earth.” Makes me laugh. You should, too.)

I really dislike this month very much. Very much. (That’s an understatement. I’m trying to restrain myself here. Imagine those previous words spoken through gritted teeth. Fangs, even.) I think “awareness” is overrated. I don’t think most people even understand what they need to be aware of. (That breast cancer exists? That people die from it? What, exactly, is the point?) I think it’s mostly about marketing and I have a number of issues with pink ribbon marketing. And, my very personal issue with October is that everywhere I look for 31 days (plus a few more), I’m reminded of times and scars I try not to think about every day. I’m also painfully reminded of my friends who have died and those who are struggling to live.

Instead of getting all pissed off about it the way I’ve done the last few years with a “rant and retreat” mentality, I’m going to tell you what I think you need to know about breast cancer.

I’m not a doctor or a researcher. I’m a survivor. I’m a reader. I’m also an experienced writer. I think that makes me a reasonably good candidate to share some important information out there for you (even if it doesn’t make me an expert). I’m also very opinionated, but usually try to suppress what I think is probably an annoying aspect of my personality. But this month, I’m going to let it fly – but in little bits of controlled, hopefully useful opinions that make you think about issues surrounding breast cancer.

I’ll post something informative about breast cancer every day — not just medical facts, but information about causes I think are important, friends I want you to know and pink products I like. (Yes, there are a few.)

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook (and I actually do keep it to people I know/have known or survivor friends), you’ll see status updates with more facts in them, too. Same for Twitter (and you are all welcome to follow me there).

If you are reading this on Facebook, be sure to stop by my blog at www.rosieblankenship.com to see pictures and get links. You can also subscribe to the blog and get posts delivered straight to your e-mail.

Ok, everyone. Take a deep breath and maybe we’ll get through this month without throwing a fit and stomping on a bag of pink M&M’s in a grocery store aisle.

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  1. I would NEVER stomp on a bag of pink M&Ms. That’s a waste of chocolate power.
    Love you, Rosie!!! Keep posting, lady.

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