Beth’s video – because it’s awesome!

My friend Beth has a passion for “breast cancer awareness” the way I do: in your face, asking “what are you really doing about this crap?” kind of awareness.

I write. She likes to make videos. Her videos make me cry buckets.

Some of it is the music. Some of it is that I know what a sweet person she is and how much she wants something, ANYTHING to happen to make sure no more of our friends die. It’s such a helpless feeling.

(You’ll see me at 3:40 in the video.)

This video makes me cry for lots of reasons.

1. I know almost all of these women and I know almost all of them are leading full, happy lives right now. This makes me cry tears of joy.

2. They are so beautiful. I don’t know how any woman can see this video and ever worry about being bald. These women make it look so damn good! It makes me sad, though, to think about how very painful treatment is on many levels.

3. I know most of them have ongoing problems (mostly small, some very big) from treatment. Me included. That sucks.

4. I miss my friends who have died. A lot.

You can also see Beth’s YouTube channel for more videos. I highly recommend watching the one that tells her story here. It’s worth the 12 minutes.

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  1. You are so sweet Rosie! Thank you for sharing my videos. I hope it will wake up some oblivious people. Love you!

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