‘G’arden therapy

Give me dirt over a couch any day.

Put some black gold in my hands and my cares will melt away. Let me tug and hack at weeds and my anger works itself out. Give me some stinky mulch that will nourish food to feed my family and I’ll construct a story in my head about how the best things in life are built on piles of shit.

The other day, I was planting lettuce with my daughter. It has been the first time in years I’ve been able enough to try any significant amount of gardening, so it’s been the first time she can remember. I was having her scatter the seeds. She was mesmerized with how tiny the seeds were. She was looking at them closely as they sat in her palm and she said, “It’s so cool. It’s like I’m holding life in my hand!”


If you are inspired by green, growing goodness on Pinterest like I am, then follow me! I’d love to find some new garden buddies.

Author: rosie

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  1. Great post! I also enjoy gardening, but unfortunately I do not have the room, money, or time to start a garden of my own.

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  2. I just LOVE gardening with my kids. My son especially has the same amazement that your daughter does.

    It’s a beautiful feeling that will stay in their hearts for ever.

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  3. Hello. Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. I like gardening. I’ve not always been as good at it as I’d like, but I’m not going to give up.
    : )

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  4. I’m working on a straw bale garden this year, which is a good space saver! I’m doing it for the weed avoiding properties. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works.

    Cindy, I just love her perspectives on gardening!

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