One little guy on the ground.

I drive a long way for work twice a week. On Tuesdays, I drive about 160 miles. On Thursdays, I drive 80, then drive the other 80 on Fridays.

Tuesdays are a very long day. I usually work at least nine hours and drive a total of three. I’m usually very happy to be home. I’m also usually starving, tired and ready to put my feet up, although that never happens. I usually drag myself inside, grab something small to eat and usually head right back out the door again to pick up my daughter.

So, it was very unexpected last Tuesday when a beautiful sunbean was highlighting my parking space at home. It was so pretty: light coming through the trees. It was a gorgeous-looking day (although very cold and crisp), but I’d only seen it from inside of my car or office. It was fun to see the sunshine beckoning me the last few feet home.

Then, I saw them.

Dozens — maybe even a hundred — butterflies! They were scatted over the ground and when I drove up, they spun into the air. There were so many, I thought I was seeing a dust devil, at first, then realized it was dozens of butterflies flitting — they were actually FLITTING — around my parking area.

A few on the tree; a few in mid-air
to the right.

I’m sure I had child-like eyes of amazement as I stepped out of my car and into the sunshine. The butterflies were everywhere. They even landed on me and my car. A few blew past and tickled my legs.

I walked around trying to see what was happening. Did they hatch in my little shade garden nearby? On a bush? Were they just attracted to the sunshine in my parking space on a really cold day?

I watched for about 10 minutes, even observing several up-close. They seem entirely undisturbed by my presence.

Two days later, I was driving with Andy in the car and one of these same butterflies began flying next to the driver’s window. I told Andy to look and the butterfly flew in front of us and flitted back and forth in front of the front window as I drove. Finally, it couldn’t keep up with my speed and was off. After a few moments of silence, I said, “You saw that, right?” He did. It was not my imagination.

Mid-air flight of several, taken
with my cell phone!

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