While I am wildly inspired by women in my life, I am not wildly inspired to be writing this post. I just needed something to fit X! Since X-chromosomes are a major part of my life — and not just because they make up me — I thought it appropriate.

Do you know the biggest risk factor of getting breast cancer, which I’ve had twice? XX, baby. Being a woman. Ta da!

I often find myself counting all of the ways I surround myself with women. It’s pretty crazy, actually. Sometimes, I’ll be talking to other women and realize not everyone does this. We all *think* women migrate toward other women, but that’s not true. Unfortunately, women also can be incredibly mean, which forces some of us to avoid other women. To you, ladies, I say: come back! Ignore the petty and embrace the the parts that smell like lavender! We are more awesome than not, I promise.

Here is a brief overview of how I sometimes forget there are men on this planet:

1. I graduated from a women’s college.

2. I work for a non-profit that has only women as its members. Women are in all of the top positions. Most of their ministries are focused on women.

3. I am active with a network of young survivor’s of breast cancer — hundreds and hundreds of sisters.

4. I have actual sisters. I love them, too! And a mom! She is pretty awesome! Even my sister-in-law is cool.

5. Despite the fact that most books sold are written by men and most music sold is recorded by male artists, my book and music collection is DOMINATED by women. I sincerely forget not everyone is reading and listening to as much girl-focused stuff as I am.

Forgive me, but I really believe the world would be a better place if everyone’s experience of it were more skewed in my lady-laced direction.

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  1. We made it! I wanted to catch some Z’s tonight but first I want to try to visit all my favorite blogs from the challenge.

    Well done!

    Looks like you are pushing hard to catch up – I know you’ll do it!

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