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As I wrap up the A-to-Z Blog Challenge, I am starting to realize what I different person I become when I write. I am not going to steal the thunder of my reflections post scheduled for May 7, but it has become obvious to me over the last month that I need to write more.

For one thing, writing makes me downright zany.

Oh, sure, I’m a bit of a nut-job most days, but when I write, it unleashes a giant goofball that sometimes gets lost in the madness of my life.

For example, during the last month, I have named so many wild animals and made up so many back stories for them that my boyfriend has started asking me the names of critters we see. I do this when I’m in a good mood. These stories just pop into my head and I must blurt them out. Andy secretly loves it, even though he pretends to be concerned that I’ve lost my mind. I just know he is worried about the squirrel family, Fred, Wilma and Pebbles, who live on the road by my house, too. Pebbles really likes to play in traffic when Fred and Wilma start fighting. I’m worried for them and wonder if I should speak to them regarding some parenting classes or perhaps family yoga. Suicide by traffic is a plague affecting the squirrel population and someone really needs to address it.

I certainly know that routinely writing makes me happier.

I am striving for more energy these days. I want some zip with my side dish of zany. Sometimes, writing does that for me even better than caffeine. (She said, mouth watering as she hears the beep of the coffee pot.)

Well, more to come in the reflections post, but I just have one small request: make me write more. It’s better for me and the squirrel population.

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