Surviving this week: Aug. 6-10

Photo by Ilana Bressler. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic.

Photo by Ilana Bressler. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic.

I told you not to get too attached to my bright ideas. Two weeks, no surviving post. Get over it.

I am still struggling with the flank pain I told you about a month ago. Don’t mind me. I’ve been struggling with it for years now. In the past month, I had a huge pain attack of the “can’t work” variety. It really stunk. Really, I couldn’t move. At all. Even prescription painkillers weren’t touching this pain.

And just a side note about me, if you haven’t been reading since the very, very beginning, you may not know that I HATE PAINKILLERS. I hate them with a passion reserved for wasps and dog poop on the living room carpet. I hate how they make me feel. I hate that I can’t take them and have a normal day. I hate that I have to take more drugs to manage their side effects. I hate them.

So, it says a lot, I think, that I was in enough pain to take one.

I had to cancel the colonoscopy because in the days leading up to this, I had to take ibuprofen and you can’t take blood thinners before a scope. It’s ok, though. I had already seen the GI doc and she said this pain could not possibly be GI. Back to square one.

Anyhow, I had a very sad and hopeless day. I couldn’t get an appointment with my doctor until the next afternoon. I couldn’t take my daughter to the pool on her very first day to swim since her surgery. I couldn’t move. While I do not believe this is back or muscular pain, out of desperation, I made an appointment with a chiropractor the next morning.

At that appointment, the chiropractor did an amazingly thorough exam of this area. With her really precise prodding and poking, she was able to trigger the pain, when the other docs did not. Her assessment: this is definitely kidney pain. Later, I saw my primary care doctor. I tested positive, again, for a UTI. I got on antibiotics, again, but over the last 10 days (today is my last day on them), I haven’t had quite the stellar response I had on this same drug three months ago.

In addition, my doc signed me up for a visit with a urologist. That appointment is yet a few weeks away. I’m a wee bit scared, pee pun intended, particularly about the health of this kidney, which I know has been in pain for the last 4-5 years. I do feel, though, that we are finally on the right track and I really, really hope it’s something that can be fixed. Something that can be fixed without surgery would be particularly awesome.

In the meantime, I’ve continued to see the chiropractor and it has been helpful in other ways. I have several issues that I think have been brought on by this pain, as well as my history of scoliosis. Imagine if you had a broken rib – how you would walk, move, hold your arm and generally protect your painful rib. I have been doing that for a long time with this (probably) kidney pain. I’m hurting in a lot of places around this. I can feel a definitely difference in my hips and lower back in just a few sessions with her.

I have this vision of myself “all fixed up” in the near future. And in it, I can do cartwheels and back flips. I couldn’t do those five years ago, but in my fixed up version of myself, I can.

Envision this with me, folks: cartwheel, back flipping Rosie. Maybe if we all do it together, we can make it a reality.


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  1. There’s nothing worse than waiting to diagnose the problem before you can even begin treating it. I’ll be thinking of you – and I’m 100% in agreement with the painkillers. When the side effects outlast the pain relief, what’s the point?

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