B9In Cancerland, there is a lot of morbid humor and insider language. Our reconstructed breasts are foobs (fake + boobs). The dates of diagnosis, surgery or whatever sticks with us is a cancerversary. I found myself giggling just a little today when I read about someone’s nipple falling off. It wasn’t a funny story. But I have earned the right to laugh to keep from crying when it comes to breast cancer. When you have sat in a chemo chair with red fluid leaking all over you, the chair and the floor and you watch as everyone in the unit jumps into action – even donning HAZMAT gear – to clean up the spill of the liquid that, at that exact moment was also being pumped into your heart, you get to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

One of the funny little things that has stuck with me for years is B9. It’s one of those internet shorthand terms that has developed in cancer communities. We all hope and pray for tests to be B9 because it’s easier to type that than benign, right? Often, we will do a sort of internet prayer of repetition when thinking happy thoughts for someone awaiting news: B9, B9, B9.

Back when I was first diagnosed in 2006 (eight-year survivor, holla!), someone shared that she had parked in the B9 section of the parking lot at the grocery store that day. She figured it was good karma. That struck such a funny chord with me, I have never forgotten it. Now, if I’m in a garage or lot with sections, I always seek out B9. If not, then I get as close as I possibly can. I always know where my car is. B9.

It’s my favorite place to park.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

This blog post is part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. As part of the challenge, I commit to visiting five new blogs a day, chosen from a list. I love doing this! It is so interesting to me how many bloggers are out there writing so many different types of blogs. Here are the blogs I visited today:

I am not required to share these blogs. I just like to find and support good writers.

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