Only kindness matters

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When someone has done something terribly wrong to me, I do not feel like being kind. I will be angry or self-destructive instead.

But eventually, you have to reach for kindness.

Certain religions, philosophies or therapies say you need to forgive the person who caused you pain, so you can let go.

I say to heck with that.

Sometimes the person doesn’t deserve forgiveness or isn’t around to deal with the aftermath. (Of course, many years of therapy has taught me that usually the person you most need to forgive is yourself.)

I have discovered the best way to deal with these situations is to heap love from your forgiving heart on other people. Perform random acts of kindness. Make muffins for you neighbors. Plant flowers for you mom. Tell a friend how much you love her. Just do anything to assure yourself that you are kind and the world can and will be good to you, too.

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  1. Hi from the A to Z challenge! I have also always had an issue with that concept of forgiveness. Kindness improves everyone’s life, especially the person being kind.

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  2. I let the neighbors across the street use our driveway so they’d have enough parking for the guests at their birthday party, and today the husband brought me over some banana bread he’d baked. I never expected anything in return, but kindness spreads…

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  3. Aloha from the A-Z Challenge. Did you move your blog from Blogger or Tumblr?

    Kindness is overrated. Oh dear, why did I write that? I must be feeling feisty. But, sometimes we act kind and it’s actually mean, because we are not being true or we are lying or fibbing to another person, and they really need the truth. Other than that, I do think some kindness is good. But not kindness that takes away from you, when you give more than you can really give and then later feel resentful.

    Maui Jungalow

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  4. I am one of those who believes in forgiveness. I certainly can see where you are coming from though….Great blog post about kindness.

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