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Learn Excel!

Excel from the presentation

The links to the examples below are spreadsheets with the formulas used in them.

  • Concatenate (Example)
    =CONCATENATE(F2,” “,”$”,E2,” “,G2)
    Will take part of a sentence from F2, add a space, add a dollar sign, add the amount in E2, add a space, then the rest of the sentence from G2.
  • If (Example)
    =IF(E2<100,”a gift”,”$150″)
    If E2 is less than $100, then it will insert “a gift” into the cell (for use such as “will you make a gift this year”). If E2 is greater than $100, it will insert $150 into the cell (“will you make a gift of $150 this year”).
  • Ceiling (Example)
    Ceiling is a way to round. This formula is saying to take the number in E2 and round it up to the next $25 point.


Keep a clean database

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